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Chosen Few Gym Membership Tuition

RATES Effective June 1, 2015


12 Month Full Membership-$105 per month

($1,260 Paid in Full *no enrollment fee)  $50 Enrollment


6 Month Full Membership-$115 per month

($690 Paid in Full *no enrollment fee)  $50 Enrollment


Protective Services Discount-$95 per month

($1,140 Paid in Full *no enrollment fee)  $50 Enrollment


12 Month Single Discipline Membership-$85 per month

$50 Enrollment  (Grappling or Thai Boxing ONLY)


Boxing only Membership-$75 per month + $50 Enrollment

Kid’s MMA or Boxing

  • $55 per month/1 yr membership

  • $65 per month/6 mo membership + $50 Enrollment

*** 1 yr Kid’s MMA membership can be frozen for up to 2 months.

*** 20% discount for second child & waived enrollment fee.


Private one-on-one instructional-$75 per 1 hr session


Drop in fee-$20 per day


Open Mat-Open to the public; free of charge the 1st Sunday of every month.


**$150 Early Contract Termination Fee**




  • Full membership includes all classes on the schedule with an exception to Supreme Hits Boxing Classes.

  • Personal instruction is available during the day from 6 AM–4:30 PM (dependent upon the instructor’s schedule).

Note* All Membership Tuition is due on the first of every month. If membership dues are not paid by the6thof that month there will be a $10 late charge for each additional week it is late. 12 month rates only apply if it is automatic deposit or paid in full. 

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